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Weight Loss Without Needles: Try NewSema™

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What is NewSema™?

NewSema™ is a compounded sublingual Semaglutide, a needle-free delivery mechanism taken by oral syringe under the tongue, created with a new to the market base, SubMagna. This base is a liquid solution. It has a high molecular weight, meaning it has a high, rapid absorption rate.

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Benefits of NewSema™

  • Needle-free: NewSema™ offers enhanced comfort and accessibility for patients.
  • High absorption rate: NewSema™ has efficient delivery and 30x more absorption than commercial Semaglutide.
  • In stock: NewSema™ is a new product to the market that Joule Wellness Pharmacy has available!
  • Successful: NewSema™ includes the already successful Semaglutide drug.
  • Tastes good: NewSema™ includes a peppermint flavor, similar to a toothpaste flavor.
  • Adhesive: NewSema™ allows increased contact.

How to Use

1. Drop dose under the tongue.

2. Hold for 2 minutes or more, then swallow

3. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after.


  • 1mg/mL in a 30mL bottle
  • Initial dose is 0.5 ml once daily for 7 days, then titrate up to 1.0 ml once daily thereafter. The 30ml bottle should last about 30 days.

NewSemaTM at Joule Wellness Pharmacy

Joule Wellness Pharmacy is one of the first to compound this groundbreaking addition to the market, with NewSema™ fully in stock!

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